1. More Info in the Summary View (Encounters)

Now when you are in looking in the summary view, you can view more information about Encounters. To do so, you need to be in the Summary View.
Once there, locate your Encounters Section and click on the gear icon

You will then be presented with this popup

From here you will need to make sure to enable the Show Entire Encounter. This will display all of the information included in the History, Examination, and the Assessment and Plan sections of the encounter. 

The difference between the two is like so:

This will allow you to look at Encounter Information while creating a new one. Or whatever other purposes you may need!

2. Location Information on Prescriptions

Before this update, the information you would initially see on a prescription would be the account owner's location, phone, and fax. Now it will default this information to the user's current location along with their Phone and Fax (if it exists). 

Now when creating a prescription, you will see [Contact Information] instead of the actual location information. 

So now when you hit the Fax or Print button from a signed prescription, the correct information should be applied. If you are generating the PDF from the prescription (Either Signed or Unsigned) you will be prompted to choose the location along with the Phone/Fax applied:

You can change it to be your phone/fax, your current location's phone/fax, or even pick a specific location! This choice can be saved as your default by pressing on the prompt you see at the bottom of the dialog screen after choosing a new option from the drop-down. 

3.  Patient Header Text Can Now Be Copied

When in a patient's chart, you have the ability to click on their information to copy and use anywhere in the system! All you have to do is click on any of the highlighted areas and you will see a pop up stating the info has been copied. 

4. Additional Contacts

We have added a new section to Patient Data allowing patients to have many contacts associated to their chart. This can be located under Demographics

The information included there follows:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Contact Purpose: Emergency Contact, Next of Kin, Administrative Staff, Care Giver, Power of Attorney, Insurance, Guarantor, Substitute Decision Maker 

  • Residence Phone

  • Cell Phone

  • Work Phone

  • Work Phone Extension

  • Email 

  • Contact Note

You can only have one Primary Contact. This is an option seen next to the contact's first name.
If you need to add more contacts for a patient, you just need to scroll down until you see the Add Additional Contact button. You can have as many contacts as you need.
Only the Primary contact information can be accessed in templates with auto-fill Patient Data variables. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Available Appointments greyed out when using Flex Schedules. 

  • Unprintable attachments removed when sending to patients. 

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