1. Hide Presenting Issues From Ebooking Screen

We have added the ability for clinics to not include the Presenting Issue screen in ebooking. So if you do not need to have a patient pick their presenting issue but still want encounter templates tied to a presenting issue, you can!

This setting can be found under the Extra tab in the Scheduling Settings. You can either set the setting to Enabled or Disabled if you want it on or off.

Again, this means that the screen below will no longer be visible when a patient is picking an appointment for your clinic!

2. Alberta Billing Template Includes Referring Practitioner Information (ClinicAid)

Now you can send off Referring Practitioner information for your bills so there is less information you need to fill out yourself on ClinicAid's side. This practitioner information will be included on the bottom of the billing item like so:

You can add the information yourself or use the Magnifying Glass Icon to search for a contact you have saved in your domain. It will then put their name and billing number there to be sent off with the rest of the billing info. Currently, this has to be manually entered there for each billing item. 

3. Prescription End Date Calculations

The end date of the prescription was calculated as a summation of the duration of the times associated with the drug you were prescribing. So if you were prescribing two different methods of taking a drug and wanted the patient to take it over the same period, you would either have to manually enter the date or add the medication twice. 

Now you can choose the And drop down on the medication dialog screen and the end date will be the largest of the durations listed.

In the above example, I have prescribes two different doses of Ibuprofen to be taken over the same duration. This kept the End Date as two weeks from me prescribing instead of being a summation, 4 weeks. However, if you want it to be a summation you can simply leave it as the default choice, then.

4. Generating PDFs of an Encounter

We have changed the way you generate a PDF from an encounter. Before there was a PDF button after it was signed, which would generate a letter of the encounter which could then be generated as a PDF to send out. We have left this functionality in the system but now to achieve the same result, you would use the Letter button. The newly changed PDF button now generates a PDF of the encounter, like in the patient checkout feature

5. Improvements to Encounter Information Shown in Summary View

Not too long ago we added a feature to show more information on the Summary View with regards to Encounters. This was discussed here. We have decided to add even more! Now you can see the bulk of the info in your encounters if you want. 

All sections are visible from an encounter, other than answered Qnaires. So now you can view the entire last encounter while filling out a new one. And you can easily scroll to view the contents of past ones saving time and energy. 

6. The Clinic's Phone Number Added to Private Invoices

Now when collecting Private Billing items, the clinic's phone number is included in the generated invoices.

This will be displayed underneath all the location information:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customization date selection in Form Templates gets stuck behind another dialog screen. 

  • Removed ability to include someone without an inbox in a conversation. 

  • Fixed created date variable in Letter Templates. 

  • Fixed archived Referrals appearing in the Referral list. 

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