1. Locking Letters

We have added the capability for users to lock Letters so that they cannot be altered in any way after they are signed. This functionality works the same way as locking/signing encounters; the user must sign the letter, putting their signature on it and locking it. Once this is done, the only way to edit the letter is to unlock it. 

To turn this setting on, the account owner must navigate to the Referral Settings section of IH. Once there, you can scroll to the bottom of this screen to see the new setting. It will be defaulted to off for all accounts. 

Turning this on will change your workflow with creating letters. Instead of the old buttons at the bottom of the letter, you will now see these five.

You can still generate a PDF of the letter without signing it, but it will not put anyone's signature on it. You can message it to someone else in the clinic and even generate a referral from it. Once the letter is signed you will see the options you are used to:

If you require changes to be made to the letter once it is signed, you will need to unlock it. However, only the user who signed the letter can unlock it. When you are in the letter, you will see an unlock button in the top right corner, press it to unlock it.

If you ever want to turn this setting off, you can. However, it will unlock all letters that were previously signed. Turning the setting back on will lock all letters that were previously signed while it was on. 

2. Opening a Patient's Chart from a Group Visit

We have now made it a little easier to navigate to a patient's chart from a group visit. When you are looking at the patient list inside a group visit, you will notice a new button. 

This button will bring you right to the patient's chart, speeding up the process of getting to their chart from an appointment. 

3. Filtering Group Visits

Now you can filter out Group Visits from the schedule and the Visits Screen. When you are in the Schedule, to access this new feature, you can click on the filter icon in the top right. You will then be presented the same filter dialog but you will notice there is an additional filter section at the bottom. 

Here you will be able to un-check this option so that Group Visits do not appear on the schedule. 

As stated above, this feature is also available in the Visit Screen. You can follow this guide to get to the filter screen. Once there, you will notice the new group visit option.

Unchecking this option will remove all group visits from the Visits Screen.

4. Remove Skip Option From Ebooking

When a patient books an appointment online they are presented with a prompt to fill out Pre-Visit Qnaires if they exist. This prompt lets them Skip or Start the Qnaires:

However, now you can remove the skip option so the patient is forced to fill out their Qnaires then. This new setting can be found in Settings > Scheduling > Extra:

If this setting is Enabled, the patient will see the normal pop up. However, if the setting is disabled, they will see this pop up instead:

Bug Fixes:

  • Primary Identification List in the Portal and Ebooking was listing by Created Date instead of how it appears in Patient Settings. 

  • Check Mark conditions in Form Templates were not saving when linked to Referral Data. 

  • Patient's older than 100 could not verify DOB.

  • Referral Data not updating from a Form attached in a referral. 

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