1. Uploading Documents To An Inbox

We have now added a way for you to upload documents en mass to InputHealth. Clinics still receive faxes by way of a fax machine and paper. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for a user to scan and upload their documents to IH. We have made that workflow a little bit easier for you.

Once you have scanned your documents into your computer, you can navigate to your inbox. From here you will see the new upload button in the top right. 

After clicking this button, you will be presented with a file explorer. This will allow you to select one or many files to upload at one time. You may need to drag your cursor to select many files at once. Once the files have been chosen, you will see a progress bar at the top of the inbox with the status of how many files are going in, how many have been processed, and how many remain. 

Once it is complete you will see all the files uploaded in your inbox. If any files are to fail, you will be able to click on where it says # File Failed.

This will show a pop up with more details and actions you can perform on the failed files. 

You are presented with the filename, the error that occurred, and a retry button that will attempt to upload the file again. In my example above, the file failed as it was an incompatible type being uploaded. 

2. Cursor Defaults to the Search Bar

There are a lot of places in InputHealth where you have to search for a contact or a user to send a message to. To speed things up, we have made a lot of search bars have the cursor default to them when performing certain actions. 

Places included but not limited to:

  • Referral Ordering/Service Provider

  • Patient Search in a Referral

  • File Owner and File Author

Bug Fixes:

  • Inbox Items taking multiple snoozes (if it's a conversation)

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