1. Inbox Mass Actions

We are very excited about this new feature. We have added the ability for users to select multiple inbox items at one time and perform a single action on them. This is a new user setting that will need to be turned on for accounts. The new setting can be found at the bottom of the list, called Inbox Mass Actions. Once this is turned on, the user will see this new button in the top right corner of the inbox. 

When this button is pressed, checkboxes will appear next to all inbox items and users' names. 

If you press the checkbox next to the user's name, it will select all inbox items currently visible in their inbox. If you select just one box, it will add that to your collection of selected items. Once you have pressed one of the boxes, you will see down at the bottom of the screen how many files you have chosen along with the actions you can perform. 

You will see how many items you have selected and the number of items that can be reviewed by you. You will also see the Mark Done, Mark Reviewed, and Mark Urgent actions. Once one of those buttons is pressed, you will see a confirmation prompt like so.

Once you have confirmed your action, you will see a loading screen that will stay until all items required action has been completed. Once the action is done, the prompt will go away.

2. Reply-To Email

When sending any documents in emails within InputHealth, we have now added a way for the recipient to directly reply to any emails you send off. When sending an email from within IH, you should now see this option of the popup:

You can now let them reply to any of the emails associated with the users in the system. This will default to yourself until you choose someone else with the Edit button.
If you uncheck the Allow Replies box, it will remember this for the next time you send an email. You will not have to remember or worry the next time you go to send an email.

With this setting turned on, the emails will still say they are coming from a NoReply email, but if the patient goes to reply, it will put your email address in as the recipient. 

3. Drag and Drop Files in the Inbox

Last week we introduced a new feature that gave clinics to upload files to their system on mass. This can be seen here. We have added to this feature so that you do not necessarily have to click on the File Upload button. You can now simply drag and drop your files into the Inbox. 

So if you have your file explorer open already or the files available, you can simply copy all of them and drag them into the inbox like so.

Bug Fixes

  • Referrals: Can't change to No Waitlist

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