1. MD Billing API Upgrade

We have now made some upgrades to how MDBilling works within InputHealth. Before this update, the only thing you could do with MDBilling was send off the bill to MDBilling and you would have to deal with and check on everything there. 

However, we have added more capabilities on our end that allows us to receive information on bills from the MDBilling service. This means that you no longer need to constantly switch between InputHealth and MDBilling. You can now perform your reconciles within our software!

You will now be able to see when a bill has been rejected,  paid,  held, and sent. If a bill is rejected, it will come back and be in an Attention Required status.  Everything can now be done in one place!

2. Resend Passcode from Patient Portal

Before this update, if a patient is trying to access a document from the patient portal and their code expired, they would have to log in and enter all of their information again. Once they have done that, they would get sent another code for them to use to login. 

So if a patient follows a link that leads them to the patient portal AND the passcode has been expired, they will be faced with the screen below. 

Patients now have the option to press the Resend Quick Passcode button. This will send them another code to their preferred notification method so that they can log in more easily.
This will also bring them to the message that was associated with the email that was sent to them. 

3. Billing Dashboard User Permission

We have always had a user permission setting with regards to the billing dashboard in InputHealth. However, this setting never worked quite right. We have made some fixes and now the setting works as it should!

If you ever want to hide the billing dashboard from any employees, you can now do this in the User Permission settings. 

When this setting is turned off, it will make it so this button is no longer visible or accessible by a user.

Bug Fixes

  • Can't Access Inbox after deleting Group you were filtered on. 

  • Allergies not appearing in the allergy section of the patient's chart, but appearing on the Summary View. 

  • A rare case of continual loading in the Referral Section of the patient's chart. 

  • White space on Letters (within Encounters) was far too large. 

  • Patient Portal Validation error button too small. Causing patient errors when entering in the wrong password. 

  • Created Date in the Encounter Summary view was associated with the Visit Date. This was fixed and a Visit Date was also displayed there along with the Created and Signed Date. 

  • Added Created Date to the Form section of the patient's chart. 

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