1. File Tag Ordering

We have now made it so File Tags are now in alphabetical order by default. Before this change, they were ordered with the locked tags coming first followed by all custom tags in their created order. This still can be seen when looking at the tags in the Patient File Settings. So now you should be able to find the tag you are looking for more intuitively!  

For example, when choosing a tag for a file, it will be listed like so:

And when looking at all of your files and their categories, it will be listed in the same order that you see above: 

As you can see, in my examples, all numbers are listed first followed by alphabetical order!

2. Deleting Injections

We heard and listened! We have now added the ability for you to remove Injections from Encounters and patient charts. Before this update, if you mistakenly added an injection to a patient or encounter, it was stuck there. No action could be taken!

Now when you put an Injection into an encounter, you will notice a garbage icon to the far right of it to remove it!

Along with the icon being added to Encounters, you will also notice there is a new column in the Injection section of the patient's chart. All Injections added through this section will be able to be deleted there. However, any Injections added through Encounters will need to be removed from the Encounter itself. One thing to note, Injections cannot be removed from Signed Encounters. 

3. Patient ID Ordering

When a patient goes to log into the Patient Portal or book an appointment through Ebooking, the order of the displayed IDs was always displaying the most recently created first. We have now made it so whatever order they appear in the Patient Settings will be how they appear in both Ebooking and the Patient Portal.
However, the Primary ID will always be displayed first, regardless of where it is located in the list of IDs. 

In my screenshot above, as a patient, I will see the order as Health ID, Private, NS ID, MSP, and then Random ID. No matter where I move the Primary ID, Health ID, it will always be the first displayed to the patient.

4. Snooze Dates on Messages

We have now added the date of when a message has been snoozed. Before this update, the only date you saw associated with snoozed messages was how much longer it was snoozing for. 

Now you can tell when the message was snoozed. This has been added to the far right of the message in the snoozes section of the inbox. You will see the date and time of when it was last snoozed!

This date was also added to the Summary View under the Messages section as Created On. 

5. Dymo Label Printing

We have now made a massive upgrade to our Dymo printing integration! We had issues with this software working with Mac and Windows computers. For Macs, you had to use Safari to print anything from InputHealth as the software did not work kindly with Chrome. When using a Windows machine, you had to have the Dymo version 8.6.2 to be able to print anything from Chrome.

We have now made it so the latest version of the Dymo software works with Chrome on both Mac and Window machines. It's no longer necessary to edit the host file to speed up the printing. It should only take seconds for the information to transfer from Chrome to the printer!

Please read the below article if you are looking to set up this service!

Bug Fixes:

  • Forms could not be deleted from encounters.

  • Forms and Cover Pages could not be cloned.

  • Signatures not appearing when pressing PDF button in signed Encounters.

  • Fixed Family Doctor information not appearing on the Visits screen.

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