1. Gallery View for PDF files

InputHealth is excited to announce that you can now preview PDFs on the gallery view, not just images when in a patient file. To turn this on, head to a patients chart and go to the Patient Files section. From here, you can toggle the button to turn on the gallery view to preview all supported document types (PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF). 

2. BC Billing Items Now Support Percentages
Although bills are automatically adjusted to the correct percentages once sent to Teleplan, many users have requested the ability to manually choose the percentage, in order to ensure accuracy on expected payments. We have now added that ability for all MSP bills. To utilize this, create your bill and select the percentage from the drop down. By default, 100% will be applied to bills. 

Bug Fixes

  1. Clinics like having the ability for patients to cancel their appointment online. There was a bug that would prevent this when the appointment was booked outside of a practitioner's scheduled hours. This has now been resolved. 

  2. Sometimes when two people were working in a single encounter and one signed it, the other would be locked out and not able to finish their notes. Since most people like to meet their College Requirements for Charting, we have now fixed this issue. 

  3. When trying to send yet another information request for patients, selecting "All" files was causing an error preventing users from faxing all required documentation from the Patient Checkout Window. "All" is now the default filter and has been removed from the selection to prevent this from occurring.

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