1. Remove Section Cover Pages
When exporting sections of the patient chart, you can now choose whether or not to include section cover pages (such as a letters cover page). By default we have turned these off. If you would like to enable these cover pages, you can do so by selecting the Include Cover Page checkbox.

2. Shadow Billing for WSBC and ICBC
For our clients in British Columbia who utilize shadow billing, any WSBC and ICBC claim created in the system will automatically remove shadow billing, allowing you to properly submit these bills. 

Bug Fixes

1. People like to be able to search for contacts without having to type the entire name. This was broken but has now been fixed.
2. Sometimes, when removing a variable from the Encounter Template, it would cause other variables to duplicate in your encounter. Since this is not something users would like, we have fixed this bug.
3. When marking an urgent message as done, this was not unmarking it as urgent. Since marking an item as done should complete the task, the message is now also unmarking the urgent flag.
4. When adding items to a user's folder, items were appearing in the order they were added, rather than the order drag and dropped in the Folder Editor. This has been resolved and you can now order items in Settings-Folders to appear when utilizing the system.
5. When hitting the back button in an encounter, this was using your browsers back button. Since users would like to be able to use that back button to see previous encounters, this button has been changed.
6. Encounter addendums now appear in chronological order, as would logically make sense.
7. When selecting messages to export a patient chart, sometimes these messages were appearing twice. Messages now appear once, as was intended.
8. Billing items in an encounter will again show the code descriptions instead of just the billing code.
9.  Since overbooking and booking outside scheduled hours is a common practice, having patients receive an error when cancelling an appointment booked this way wont do. We have fixed this.
10. Paid and billed columns in the Insured Payments section of the patient chart were reversed. This has now been righted. 

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