1. Vitals Changes

We have made a large change to creating, updating and viewing vitals from an Encounter. Please watch the video below if you have not already to see how this exciting and highly requested feature functions:

2. Tab Between Patient Data Fields
We have now enabled the ability for you to use TAB on your keyboard to tab between Patient and Referral Data Entries when completing. The system will highlight in blue which value you are currently on.

3. Only show your files in the summary view
Just like our previous launch with Encounters in the summary view, you can now filter the Files in the summary view to only display if you are the file owner.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Youtube links will now function as normal in Appointment Notifications so you can send the video you wanted to send!

  2. Sometimes a patient can have the same value in Patient Data twice. Until now, the system did not update the updated date when this happened. This has now been fixed.

  3. Forms were using metric values for patient's heigh and weight. The system will now convert these to whatever your default unit measurement is (Metric or Imperial)

  4. When completing a growth chart on an account where there are multiple timezones, the system was using the account timezone instead of the user's timezone when adding the date and time of that growth chart entry. The system will now use the user's timezone when updating the growth chart.

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