1. Group Visit Templates
You asked, we listened! You can now create group visit appointment types, allowing you to more quickly schedule a group visit. By going to Settings-Scheduling-Appointment Types, you can now create Group Visit templates:

Once the template has been created, you will see it as a selectable option when creating a Group Visit:

2. Display Abnormal Results
InputHealth has now launched the ability to see if a lab result or lab results within a lab report are abnormal without having to open the result. You will now see an alert next to the lab with a count of abnormal values, this counter is also available from the Inbox:

3. Display Abnormal Results - Scanned Files
When editing a scanned file, you are now able to manually enter the number of abnormal records, allowing for better visibility in files and reports not received electronically:

4. Lab Reconciliation
You now have the ability to reconcile a requisition created within a chart once the lab has been received. If a Form under Settings-Templates-Forms has been marked as reconcilable:

You will be able to open a lab requisition and link it with the corresponding lab result:

5. Prescriptions now allow for partial date entry
Prescriptions can now be created with partial dates, when you are unsure of when the prescription was actually created or you are looking for a more general start/end date:

6. Requisition Date now Visible on Labs
When entered by the lab receiving the record, you will now be able to see the requisition date when looking at a lab result, as well as the collection date and reported date, which were already available functions. 

Bug Fixes

  1. Sometimes when patients were trying to add a selfie to their chart via a Qnaire, this was causing an error. This issue has now been resolved. 

  2. Sometimes in a questionnaire, when a patient data type question was added as a follow up, the patient data would not pre populate. This has been fixed and patients will now be able to edit and modify their existing data. 

  3. When Privacy Mode was on, requested appointments were not being masked. Our system now will mark all appointments and visible patient information from the schedule as blurred when privacy mode is on. 

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