1. Cancel a Prescription:

You asked, we listened! You can now cancel a prescription that was created in error. From a signed prescription you will now see a Cancel button, allowing you to invalidate the prescription

2. Additional Fields in the Prescriptions Extras Tab:
We have expanded the Extras tab to include a variety of new fields to help you better capture prescription and medication history including original prescriber, medication strength, drug description and patient compliance:

3. Filter for Past Medications:
When in the medications section of the patient chart, you now have even more filter abilities as you will now see there is an option to just show past medications:

4. Clerical Only Permissions:
Do you have an MOA who only needs scheduling and admin note access, but does not need access to any clinical data? You can now set their permissions as "Staff Patient Settings" to remove access. 

5. Added a Dose Field to Injections:
Instead of the default mL dose, you can now select the dose type from within the injection using a newly created drop down:

6. Updated Activity Logs:
We have updated the Activity Logs visible from within the patient chart to show additional actions such as added, updated or deleted data in the chart to make it easier to see what has been occurring in that chart. 

7. Tag Specific Results:
You can now specifically reference a result within the comment of a lab by using the @ symbol and typing the name (for example @FastingGlucose). This creates a link and becomes clear which result you are referring to:

8. Graph Lab Results:
This hotly requested item has now been launched. When viewing lab results, you will now see their results plotted in graph form. You can also print these graphs or tables and provide them to your patient. 

9. Print the Patient Summary Page:
You can now print a "Face Sheet" for a patient from the summary view. Next to the +Add Section button you will now also see a print button:

10. More options when searching for an appointment:
When using our next appointment feature, you can now select days of the week and times of day that the patient is available, allowing you to better filter available appointments:

Minor Upgrades:

  1. You can now add the source facility (where the file came from) to a file

  2. Encounters now allow more than one user to sign off

  3. The "Notes" field for Third Party Billing is now available as a variable on invoices

Bug Fixes:

  1. If a custom header is too large, it sometimes pushed patient demographics off the page. Since it is important to know who that documentation is for, this has been fixed. 

  2.   Collection Dates were sometimes showing the wrong date and time on a lab result, this is no longer the case.

  3. When group visits were being booked with a Confirmation Required status, the system was not prompting the notification to be sent to the patient. Clinics like patients to receive their notifications so we have fixed this. 

  4. Sometimes the patient search was timing out causing inaccurate results, we have fixed this.

  5. If a patient had group visit notifications, these were not populating the Outbox correctly in the patient's chart. All outgoing items will now display in the patient outbox. 

  6. When a user was assigned a role and that role had template permissions selected, these were not actually applying to the user's permissions. This has been resolved. 

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