Our team here at InputHealth wanted to take a moment to highlight the key features of the Collaborative Health Record platform that may assist you during this tumultuous time.


Qnaires are a fast and simple way to gather information from patients. They can be triggered manually or sent automatically to patients by linking them to appointment types, presenting issues, and/or encounter templates (pre-visit Qnaires).  

Examples of usage:

  • To screen incoming patients and inform them of risks and next steps. 

  • To track symptoms over time 

How to get started: 

Please refer to our Help Article on how to create a Qnaire:

The following video link demonstrates a simple COVID-19 Qnaire using your CHR:

If you would like to have a standard and generic COVID-19 screening Qnaire added to your account, our support team can upload the below Qnaire to your account as a starting point. Please reach out to them through our InputHealth Support Bubble.

Alternatively, you can build your own screening Qnaires through the in app Qnaire builder.  

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