1. Different Custom Text for Group Appointments
When customizing your ebooking settings, users wanted the ability to have different custom text for group appointments. We have now added that availability here in custom text settings:

2. Added a Refused Date for Injections
When entering injection data, sometimes users wanted a way of identifying that this injection was refused. We have now added a refused box for this indicator. 

3. Card Reader for Ontario Users
If your clinic has a card reader, we now support swiping of the card if you are swiping an Ontario Health Card. British Columbia Health cards will soon be supported.
4. Virtual Visit Improvements
You can now see all of your different appointments in the visits tab. Prior to this update, Virtual Visits could not be viewed. Now you have the ability to filter to see all virtual visits!

b. Along with the above improvement, we have also made it so that when you move a virtual visit from one practitioner to another, you will be able to see that patient and visit under your virtual visit list!

c. We have also made sure that no virtual visit invitations can get sent out accidentally. Prior to this update, any time a virtual visit was put into the Visit Completed Status and then put into the Note Signed Status, it would send another visit invite. We have made sure this will not happen again. 

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