After you've downloaded and registered for the UpPatient app, going forward, logging in is an easy process. All you have to do is enter your email address and password, and you're in.

Having trouble remembering your password? No problem. If you enable biometrics, you can login to the app at the tap of a finger instead. You can also reset your password at any time from the login screen.


1. On your mobile device, open the UpPatient app. See Creating an UpPatient account and connecting to a clinic. The login window opens.

2. If you have biometrics enabled, hold your finger over your mobile device's "home" button. Otherwise, enter the Email you used to create your UpPatient account, enter your UpPatient Password, and then select Login

3. If you receive the message, Invalid Email Or Password, select OK and attempt to enter your password again.

4. If your password still does not work, select Forgot Password? to reset your password.

Updated July 5, 2021

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