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Forgot your UpPatient password? (for patients)
Forgot your UpPatient password? (for patients)

Reset or change your UpPatient password

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Forgot your UpPatient password? No worries. You can easily reset it right from the login page.

💡 Tip: If you have trouble remembering passwords, consider activating biometric login, which allows you to log in using a fingerprint or face scan.


1. Open the UpPatient app and then, on the login screen, select Forgot Password.

2. Type your email address, and then select Reset my password.

The following message is displayed: "Email Sent. We have sent you a password reset email. Please check your email inbox."

3. Select OK. You're returned to the login page. An email with a reset link is sent with the following subject: "Reset Your Password Email - UpPatient."

4. From your mobile device, open the email with the reset link.

💡 Tip: Didn't receive the email? Try checking your email "spam" or "junk" folder.  If you still do not see the email, create a new UpPatient account. See Creating an UpPatient account and connecting to a clinic.

5. Select Reset Your UpPatient Password.

A window opens, prompting you to enter a new password.

6. In the New Password field, type your new password.

7. In the Confirm New Password field, re-type the password. 

8. Select Change my password. Your password is updated.

📌 Note: If the Change my password button doesn't work, your password and confirm password don't match, or your new password doesn't meet the required criteria, try re-entering both passwords using the warnings as a guide.

9. Open the UpPatient app, and log in using your new password. See Logging into the UpPatient app.

Updated June 2021

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