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Managing your appointments from the UpPatient app (for patients)
Managing your appointments from the UpPatient app (for patients)
View, change or cancel appointments
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Using the UpPatient App, you can view your requested, upcoming and previous appointments. For any upcoming appointments, you can:

  • View and complete outstanding Qnaires (questionnaires)

  • Change the appointment date or time

  • Cancel the appointment


1. In the UpPatient app menu, select Appointment. The Appointments window opens, with your appointments categorized by status.

2. To view a list of your appointments, expand any of the following:

  • Today: Today's appointments

  • Requested: Appointments you requested but have not yet received a confirmation for

  • Confirmation Required: Appointments that are still awaiting your confirmation

  • Past: Past appointments

  • Upcoming: Future appointments, including requested and confirmed appointments

3. To view an appointment's details, in the list, select the appointment.

4. To complete any outstanding pre-visit Qnaires (questionnaires), under Pre-visit Tasks, select the Qnaire.

5. To request an appointment date or time change:

a) Under Options, select Request time change.

b) Select the Date and Time you want, and then select Request change.

6. To cancel an appointment, under Options, select Cancel.

📌 Note: If you don't see the above options, your clinic does not allow online cancellations or rebooking for that specific appointment. Please call the clinic directly to modify your appointment.

Updated May 2021 

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