If your clinic allows online booking, you can book an appointment right from the UpPatient home screen.

📌 Note: Not all clinics allow patients to book appointments online or through the UpPatient App.


1. On the UpPatient app home screen, tap BOOK APPOINTMENT or BOOK VISIT. The booking window opens with the following sections:

  • Location details

  • Reason for visit/appointment

  • Visit type

2. Tap each section and select the Location, Reason for visit and Visit Type.

3. Tap NEXT.

4. Select an available appointment slot:

a) Tap the Date field and then, on the calendar, tap an available date.

b) Tap the Time field, scroll down the list of available times, and then tap the time you want.

c) Tap NEXT.

The confirmation window opens with appointment details of your booking request, including: Location, Date and Time, Type and Reason.

5. To modify the appointment details, tap GO BACK.

6. To confirm your appointment request, tap BOOK MY VISIT. Depending on the appointment reason you chose, a pre-visit questionnaire may appear for you to fill in.

Depending on your clinic's settings, you can complete the questionnaire now or you can complete the questionnaire later. See Completing questionnaires in the UpPatient app.

📌 Note: You may be required to complete the questionnaire before the appointment can be confirmed.

Updated May 2021

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