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Navigating the UpPatient app (for patients)
Navigating the UpPatient app (for patients)

Overview of UpPatient's functionalities

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If your clinic allows online booking, the UpPatient home screen provides a quick link to book an appointment. See Booking appointments using the UpPatient app (for patients).

If you have a virtual appointment or any confirmed upcoming appointments, they display on the home screen as well.

UpPatient menu

From the UpPatient menu you can perform a number of other actions.

Menu option



Navigate back to the home screen.


View and complete any online questionnaires (Qnaires) that are assigned by your provider or are available for you to complete at your discretion.


View any messages sent by the clinic.


View and manage your upcoming appointments (sorted by status).


View your UpPatient profile and manage your settings.

Updated May 2021

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