Before your first virtual visit, on your mobile device, you should allow the UpPatient app to access to your microphone and camera. This ensures the provider can see and hear you.

Steps for iOS devices

1. Navigate to your phone Settings

2. In the search field, type Up, or scroll down until you find the UpPatient app.

3. Select UpPatient. The UpPatient settings window opens.
4. Toggle the following items on or off based on your preference.

  • Microphone: Allows the provider to hear you during a video or audio call.  

  • Camera: Allows the provider to see you during a video call.

  • FaceID: Allows you to log in to the app using a face scan.

Steps for Android devices

📌 Note: The steps required may vary depending on the Android device you're using.

1. From the Apps drawer, go to Settings > App & Notification.

2. Navigate to Applications, then Application Manager.

3. Search for and select UpPatient or your clinic's app. The app's settings are displayed.

4. Choose Permissions.

5. To change a permission setting, select it, and then choose Allow or Deny.

Updated June 2021

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