If your clinic sends messages through the UpPatient app, any messages you receive appear in your UpPatient inbox. In some cases you can respond to messages from UpPatient as well.

📌 Note: Only clinics can send the first message. When you respond, you cannot upload any attachments to the conversation. Also, when the clinic closes the conversation, you can no longer respond to the conversation.


1. Log in to the UpPatient App. See Logging into the UpPatient app.

2. In the UpPatient menu, select Inbox. A list of your messages displays.

💡 Tip: If you have any unread messages, in the UpPatient menu, the Inbox option is flagged with the number of messages to view.

3. Select a message to open it. 

If the clinic has not allowed you to respond via the app, Your conversation has been closed appears at the bottom of the message.

📌 Note: Call the clinic if you want to discuss or act on the message you received.

If the clinic has allowed you to respond, a chat box displays at the bottom of the message.

4. To respond to the message, in the chat box, type your message, and then select Send.

Updated May 2021

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