If more than one family member accesses the UpPatient App from your device, you must log out of the app before the next family member can register for or access the app.

Only one person can log into the UpPatient app at a time on a single device. 


1. If one family member is currently signed into the UpPatient app, and another family member wants to register for or sign into the app, perform one of the following actions to log out the current user:

  • If the app is unlocked, tap More, and then choose Log out

  • If the app is locked, at the bottom of the unlock window, tap SIGN OUT

2. To create an account for a family member, tap Sign Up to create an account for a family member(s). See Creating an UpPatient account and connecting to a clinic (for patients).

3. To login the family member, enter their Email and Password, and then tap LOG IN. See Logging into the UpPatient App (for patients).

Updated May 2021

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