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Modifying your UpPatient profile and settings (for patients)
Modifying your UpPatient profile and settings (for patients)

Add or delete a clinic and other features in your UpPatient account

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In the More area of the UpPatient app, you can:

  • Review your personal information

  • Change your password

  • Enable biometric authentication (i.e. fingerprint scan to log into the app)

  • Connect to clinics you're a patient at

  • And more.

The following table provides an overview of the profile and settings information and options available.



Personal information

This information cannot be edited.

Select My Profile to:


From here, you can:


From here, you can add additional clinics you visit or you can delete any clinics you're no longer a patient at.


From here, you can review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Updated May 2021

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