1. Removal of Appointment Selection Time
    For clinics and domains where patients should be put in a "queue" rather than given an exact appointment date and time, this feature is for you! By going to the correlating appointment and turning "Auto Assign" to enabled, your patients will no longer be prompted to pick a date and time for an appointment and will instead be added automatically to the next available slot for that appointment. Please note, patients will not be informed of this appointment date and time and instead will rely on the clinic to communicate with the patient what the next steps of their care is. Think of this feature as a virtual waiting room for walk in patients!

2. Presenting Issue on the Visits Tab
You are now able to filter to see the presenting issue on the Visits tab. This has been automatically enabled in the visualization of the appointment:

3. Filter Billing Dashboard by Billing Code
You asked, we listened! This feature request now allows users to be able to filter the billing dashboard by the billing code, provided you have also already filtered for the insurer.

4. Primary Location on Private Invoices
When generating a private invoice for a patient, the system was automatically suggesting the account's primary location for the invoice rather than the location set by the user through the Current Location selection. Now when generating an invoice, the system will utilize your current location's address details on the invoice.

5. Password Resets with Two Factor Authentication
When resetting a password at a clinic where Two Factor Authentication was enabled, users were able to reset their password without completing the Two Factor Authentication step. Now when a user resets their password on this type of account, the system will require you to complete the Two Factor Authentication in order to successfully reset your password.

Bug Fixes:
- Star Question type now reports on how many "stars" were given (3/5 stars)
- Failed Fax Items no longer require two clicks to open
- When sending a fax with a cover page, sometimes the cover page was not included in the Outbox file listed in the patient's chart. This has been resolved.
- When opening up a faxed Insured Invoice from the Patient Outbox, the system was not correctly linking the Insured Payment. You will now be able to click on the item to see the original invoice sent.
- File dates were sometimes changing to one day previous when the file was being edited. This is no longer the case.
- When adding a file to the patient's chart from an encounter, the Author field was not saving. Now when you follow this workflow, the Author field will save and be visible in the Patient Files section.
- When downloading a prescription from the patient's chart, the system was automatically adding your primary location to the prescription instead of the users current location. Thanks to the bug fix, the system will now download the prescription with your current location, as documented in the PDF of the prescription.

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