Ebooking: Choose Next Available Appointment Slot Automatically

Walk-in clinics do not want patients to be able to choose the time they can book in. Instead, they would rather the time get chosen for the patient (next available time slot).

This new feature is available for individual appointment types. This means it can be enabled or disabled for certain services. To access this feature, you can navigate to Setting > Scheduling > Appointment Types. Once you are there you will be presented with a list of the appointment types offered by your clinic. Clicking on one of the appointment types will bring up the editor dialog. Scrolling to the bottom will show the new setting:

This new setting is Disabled by default. Once it is enabled, it will choose the time for the patient automatically and will not allow them to alter it.

While it is enabled, it will also skip the appointment time choice for the patient, so the ebooking process goes a little quicker and smoother on their end.

2. Capture Who Assigns a File to a Patient
When there is a file in the inbox (fax, uploaded file, lab), it may or may not need to be linked to a patient's chart. Before this update, there was no mention of who assigned the file to a patient's chart. Now, this is viewable in the patient's recent activity.

3. Virtual Visit Online Booking Fix

During these trying times, more and more physicians have been utilizing Virtual Visits within InputHealth. They have added a Virtual schedule alongside their physical one. However, in doing so, this allowed patients to book virtual and physical appointments alongside one another. This would create double bookings.

To minimize this, we have made sure that when booking a virtual visit, it also checks other physical locations that this practitioner is seeing patients. If the slot is already full and the practitioner does not offer more than one appointment at a time, the slot will not be offered.

4. Custom Text. More Ebooking Options

We have added more customization options for clinics and their ebooking pages. When a patient is sent a notification about their appointment, they may have the option to view their appointment details. When they click on the link within their email or phone, they may be presented with the DOB verification page.

We have added four new custom text areas to allow you to better customize this page.
- Landing Page Welcome Message
- Landing Page Verify Date of Birth
- Landing Page Contact Info
- Footer Message

These can be found in Settings > Custom Text. Each one will affect the ebooking page like so:

Bug Fixes:
- Preferred Pharmacy was not being pulled as the recipient on cover pages attached to prescriptions.
- Forms Templates no longer have the chance to get overwritten when a new PDF is added to the already created form template.
- Group Visits did not allow you to book patients as requested internally.
- We removed a bug that allowed a patient to sometimes see a slot that was already booked and no longer available.
- If a patient had an auto-assigned value for their ID, they could not log in using it. We have resolved this.

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