When creating a Private or Third Party bill within InputHealth, you will most likely have an invoice number associated with it. In a lot of cases, when you receive payment for these claims, they will not include any patient information and only include the invoice number.

This can pose a problem when trying to find the patient associated with the payment so that you can apply it and keep a record of the transaction.

Within InputHealth, the invoice is made up of two different sets of numbers, like so:

The first number in an invoice is the one we are going to focus on. This is the ID of the patient's chart and it may be something you have not seen before. To view this ID, it must be enabled. To do this, please follow the instructions in the article below.

Once this ID is enabled, you will be able to search for a patient based on their chart ID, the same way you would search for them by their Health Card Number.

You can then locate the invoice in either the patient's Private or Insured billing section.

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