InputHealth has made the decision that you are no longer able to change the patient associated with an appointment (only once it has been saved). If you book an appointment with the wrong patient attached, you will either have to delete the appointment or cancel it and then create a new appointment with the correct patient.

This change will fix a lot of issues that this workflow caused. We appreciate your understanding and continued support!


  1. The virtual visit list was not ordered in a way that made sense. When you went to go and start your next virtual visit, it could be a bit of a struggle depending on how many you had. The ordering was when the virtual appointments were created and not the order they were happening in.

    We have changed the ordering to be based on the appointment time associated with the Virtual Visit.

  2. Group Visits now allow only one patient to join. Prior to this update, you had to have at least two spots to create an appointment.
    Now you only need one, so those GMVs you hold where there are multiple practitioners but only one patient will make a little more sense now.

Bug Fixes

  • Pasting comments into Lab comments would not always work. It would tell it was a blank comment when it clearly wasn't.

  • Having a blank license number did not allow you to enter one manually in a prescription.

  • The day sheet printing was producing a garbled mess.

  • When merging patients, you would see the patient you are currently in the search. This meant you had the chance of merging a patient with itself. The end result was a more lengthy way of archiving a patient.

  • Fixed various places where you would see a Missing Translation error.

  • The ordering of the primary physician in ebooking (when a patient selects their primary physician) is now in alphabetical ordering. This setting is a per appointment setting.

  • The history of case data was not working. It should now be visible.

  • Uploaded Files to the inbox would not save the Author that was chosen.

  • The option to add a cover page to Insured Billing invoices was not available.

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