A patient will automatically receive a notification to start their virtual visit, 5 mins before the visit. This notification includes a secure access code that they need to enter:

A patient will access their virtual visit by clicking on "Start Virtual Visit".

They will need to enter their Access Code and Last Name.

The information is NOT case sensitive.

Once they have logged into their virtual visits, they will be presented with a prompt to choose the appointment associated to the specific virtual visit:

Once they have selected an appointment they will be taken through a set of steps to make sure their device is set up for a successful virtual visit. These steps include:

1. A Short Introduction:

2. A checklist to make sure their browser is compatible and that their microphone and webcam are connected:

3. A Checklist to make sure their permissions are enabled for their microphone and video:

4. They will be presented with an agreement:

Once the patient has accepted the Agreement, they will move into the Virtual Visit were they can:

  • Chat with the practitioner.

  • Complete patient tasks that are assigned to them by their healthcare provider.

  • See details about the appointment, if the virtual visit is associated to one.

  • Accept or deny a call from the healthcare provider

Patient Tasks/ Actions

The tasks a patient might have to complete are the Patient Actions. These can be configured by your InputHealth Implementation/ Support Team.

The patient can view these in the Task Tab:

Task 1: Read Patient Content - You can task patient to read important information.

Task 2: Watch a Video - You can send the patient a video to watch. The video will have to be watched in its entirety before it can be marked as complete.

Task 3: Complete a Qnaire - You can send a patient a Qnaire to complete during the virtual visits, or after their visit. The patient will fill these out on their device.

Task 4: Pre-visit Qnaire - If there is a Qnaire that the patient did not complete, which were part of their Pre Visit Qnaires, you can make sure they complete them during their visit.

Task 5: Upload Files - You can ask the patient to upload any file(s). This can then easily be saved within the Patient's Chart.

Once the items have been completed, the patient will see them as Marked Done.

You will see them completing them in the chat or the Patient Action column within the Virtual Visits Panel.

Last Updated: 11.2020

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