Pathways is a useful feature that allows you to view and move patients through various phases of care, or care pathways, within your clinic workflow.

To open Pathways, click on the home icon:

Patients can be added to Pathways with or without an appointment (see more here).

Finding a Patient

Once added to Pathways, patients can be viewed and selected from Pathways. Scroll through the patients or use the search menu to quickly find a patient in Pathways.

Patient Tickets

Patient information is displayed on Pathway tickets. The information displayed depends on the patient and filter chosen.

More on filtering Pathways can be found here.

1️⃣ Length of time the patient has been in the Pathways phase (column).

2️⃣ Staff actions associated with the patient. Hover over the heading to see the staff action(s).

3️⃣ Patient actions associated with the patient (e.g. questionnaires). Hover over the heading to see the patient action(s).

4️⃣ Pathway Specific Tags that have been assigned to the patient.

5️⃣ Appointment details (if applicable): Time of appointment, Status, Type, and Practitioner.

Pathways Functionality

Clicking on the patient ticket opens the patient’s chart where you will see the patient dashboard with Pathways options on the left and the typical chart functionality on the right.

1️⃣ Appointment details (if applicable).

2️⃣ The Pathways Phase the patient is currently in: Click the scroll down icon and if you want to move the patient to a different phase in Pathways.

3️⃣ Room: Click on the scroll down icon to assign the patient to a room.

4️⃣ Chat tab: Click here to open a secure chat with the patient.

5️⃣ Assigned staff tasks are displayed here. Click '+Assign tasks' to assign a new staff task.

6️⃣ Assigned patient tasks are displayed here. Click '+Assign tasks' to assign a new patient task.

7️⃣ Assigned pathway tags are displayed here and act as visual cues in Pathways. Click '+assign tags' to assign a new tag.


Transitions to phases in Pathways can be configured to automatically add validations or post actions. For example:

  • Changing an appointment status,

  • Assigning a room,

  • Assigning a tag,

  • Assigning a staff or patient task,

  • Sending a Qnaire,

  • Sending a message, or

  • Completing the visit.

If a patient has multiple Pathways, click the ‘x’ to close the current Pathway and view or open another Pathway.

Configuration of pathways is currently done by the CHR team. Please contact a CHR team member to setup pathways.

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