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Typically your clinics 'e-booking' web address will be provided to you by your clinic or through their website.

Or alternatively,

You can access your clinics' e-booking site by inserting the following into the web address: https://yourclinic.inputhealth.com/ebooking. (yourclinic = specific clinic name)

From the e-booking page, patients will first be asked if they have previously registered with the specific clinic.

New patients can login to e-booking by selecting "No".

Existing patients, can login to e-booking by selecting "Yes" which will prompt a window to appear as shown below:

Making an E-booking

  1. If the clinic the patient has chosen, has multiple locations, the patient will be prompted to select the specific location before continuing.

2. Depending on the clinic settings, the patient might be asked to select

  • the "Primary Reason for your Visit"

  • the "Type of Appointment you would like to book",

  • the "Practitioner"

3. A new page will appear, allowing the patient to make the appointment request:

  • select Date on the Calendar

  • select an Appointment Time

  • click on "Next"

4. A basic information form on a new page will appear:

  • Existing patients will fill out any missing fields

  • New Patients will have to fill out all the required sections.

5. A new page will appear asking the patient to confirm their appointment request details by clicking on the disclaimer box and then clicking "Submit Request"

6. Depending on the clinic, this might prompt a window requesting the patient to start filling out a pre-visit questionnaire. In this case, the patient will have to click on "Start Pre-Visit Qnaires"

7. Once the patient has completed their e-booking (and qnaire) they will be presented with the following page - a summary page of the appointment details.

Patients are able to return to the previous page at any stage of their booking by selecting the "Back" Tab at the top left corner of the screen.

It is recommended that a patient logs out of their account once they have made a booking. They can do this by clicking on "Log out" at the top right of the screen.

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