A list of all the cool things we have added to our platform!

Recurring Appointments 🔄

We have gotten a lot of requests from our clients about recurring appointments. So we are more than happy to finally be bringing you our first version of recurring appointments!

The use case for our first version of Recurring Appointments is for those clinics that have Group Visits that happen on a repeating schedule (e.g. once a week). It's also useful for clinics that over treatment sessions where they see a patient every 2 weeks, so they can book them in all at once.

This feature will allow you to create up to 20 appointments or group visits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You will be able to preview the appointments before finalizing them. This will allow you to review any validation errors being thrown, move appointment times, or delete them. Creating recurring appointments will skip any validation errors.

When the appointments have been created, patients will get sent an email containing a list of the appointments made. They can view each one individually. If the patient decides to cancel their appointment, they can only do so on a single appointment basis. If they need all of their recurring appointments canceled, they must call the clinic for this.

Clinics have the ability to delete one appointment, or that appointment and all future appointments. You will follow the same workflow for deleting appointments as before.

To get more detail regarding this, please give our Recurring Appointments and Recurring GMV articles a read!

Minimum Booking Notice 📆

Before this update, we had a set drop-down of possible booking notices for appointments. We allowed everything from Same Day all the way up to 30 Days. However, now we allow a more customizable option for booking.

You know have the ability to set a minimum booking notice of Days, Hours, and Minutes. The same options are available as before, but now you have the option to change the minimum booking notice for Hours to be 1 through 12 hours and you have the choice of making the minimum booking notice for Minutes to be from 15 to 45 minutes.

This will make it so you have more time to prepare for appointments coming up and they cannot be booked a couple of minutes before the appointment starts. However, the option is still available with Same Day.

Flex Templates for Virtual Visits 💻

InputHealth now allows you to make flexible schedules for your virtual appointments. No longer do you need to have a standard schedule or change physical appointments to virtual ad hoc, this can be better organized for you and your patients.

Just like before, you either add a flex day or you will add a flex template. When you are doing this, you will have to be sure that you are selecting the location as Virtual. Once you have done this, you're all set to have a more flexible virtual schedule.

🐛 🔨 BUG FIXES 🐛 🔨

This is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. Should you want any more detail on the issues below, please feel free to message us!

  • Logout Option was not always visible on the EBooking site. It's now as clear as ever.

  • Fixed some instances of weird text found on some of our patient data bubbles.

  • The Group Visit internal status, when set to canceled, would not cancel any of the patients but would cancel the appointment. It now changes all statuses to canceled for the patients.

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