A list of all the cool things we have added to our platform!

Default Color Palette for Schedule Hours

When you are creating scheduled hours for users within your clinic, you have the option of setting a background color. In the past, we have allowed you to choose whatever color you wanted with the use of a color wheel. However, keeping the color consistent across the hour blocks created has proved difficult.

To keep colors more consistent, we have added a default color palette containing 15 different colors so that you don't have to try and choose from the color wheel.

To access this, you will have to navigate to Settings > Scheduling > Hours. You can go into a user's standard hours, flex hours, or even into the flex templates. Once there, you can choose the color of the block of time. The setting that controls this is the Color On Schedules.

Favorite Message Templates

We have added the ability to favorite message templates! We understand that lots of users like to have their own templates for use. This can cause the list to become quite long and make it difficult for you to find the templates you frequently use.

To resolve this, we have added a new star icon by the message templates. This will allow the template to appear at the top of the list. When you are choosing which template you want to use, you can click on the star to favorite the template.

Message Templates Include Instant Variables

Message Templates now allow you to add and use Instant Variables. This will allow you to have variables that contain frequently used phrases but aren't always applicable in the template you use.

These variables work the same as they do in Encounter and Letter templates. To utilize them, you can go navigate to your Message Templates (Settings > Templates > Message). You can edit your message the same, but now you should see an Add Variable button which currently only contains the Instant Variable choice.

๐Ÿ› ๐Ÿ”จ BUG FIXES ๐Ÿ› ๐Ÿ”จ

This is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. Should you want any more detail on the issues below, please feel free to message us!

  • The medication search sometimes gave mixed results. This was due to some timing issues related to our search. This has been resolved and searching for medications should work as you would imagine!

  • Auto-Generated PHNs did not allow patients to log into ebooking. This has been resolved.

  • Letter Templates created in encounters would sometimes add the same variables twice. An example was the medication or allergies variables being added twice. This has been resolved.

  • Encounters and Letters were keeping the empty spaces of instant and patient data variables if they were not used. This caused a lot of space to be added to encounters/letters. Unused variables no longer leave a space and the formatting of encounter templates be as they were before.

  • Lab Imports were not allowing you to import using zip files. This has been resolved.

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