TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) instant chat feature enables instant messaging between staff through the platform and is ideal for quick notifications or discussions about daily tasks or events - essentially anything related to internal operations.

The chat window will appear (already open) in the bottom right corner when you log in to your account, with a list of all users within your account.

You can also use the feature by navigating to the Chat Icon in the toolbar on the left side of the screen.


The Instant Chat feature is not linked to patient charts which already include dedicated messaging features.

When communicating using Instant Chat, users are able to include Personal Health Information (e.g. patient names, etc). All conversations are stored securely within the same servers storing other personal health information on your CHR account.

Users are unable to download any conversations within the Instant Chat Feature.


👉 You can move the Chat window around on your screen (click and drag). This comes in hand especially if it is "placed" over important patient information.

👉 You can open and close the Chat window by clicking on the up/down-facing arrow on the top right corner.

👉 Profile Pictures (Avatar) comes into good use here - your team members are able to identify you easier within a group conversation when you have a profile picture set up in your InputHealth domain.

👉 The little numbers in the chat window indicate how many conversations are unread and how many actual messages are unread

1. Starting a Conversation

  • Click on the "people icon" to see the names of all users

  • Click on a user to start a conversation

2. Starting a Group Conversation

  • Click on the menu icon

  • Select New Conversation from the dropdown menu

  • Select the Users you would like to add to the group conversation

  • Click Create Conversation

3. Managing Group Conversations

Click on a created group and then the menu icon on the top bar:

  • Attachments: this is a folder where you can find all the attachments that were shared with the specific group you selected

  • Manage Members: this allows the user to add or remove users from a group conversation.

If you add a user only later to a group conversation, you will be asked if the user is allowed to see the previous messages.

  • Rename Conversation: this allows you to change the name of a group

  • Leave Conversation: Users can choose to leave a group conversation

4. Attaching Files (max. size of file = 25MB)

  • Open a conversation from the conversation screen

  • Click on the paperclip in the bottom right corner and select a file from your computer

  • You can also drag and drop a file into the chat area.

5. Deleting Messages

You can delete your own messages within a conversation

  • Click on the message(s) you want to delete

  • Click "Delete"

6. Reacting to Messages

Users can reply and send emoji's to specific messages

  • Hover over the message

  • Select an emoji you want to react with OR select the arrow to reply to the specific message

7. Searching for Messages

This function allows you to search for exact words within messages. It is not case sensitive

  • Ensure you are on the Conversation Screen.

  • Click the menu icon

  • Click "Search" and type a word in the search box

Using the Instant Chat feature via the Chat Icon:

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