1. eBooking appointment confirmed by default does not trigger Practitioner Notification.
    Workaround: the default status of the appointment to Requested. This will add more work and require someone to confirm the appointments.

  2. File Search not Always in Focus
    Workaround): Keep your mouse near the search bar so that you can click to add the search if you did not find the file you needed.

  3. Linking Group Visit to Encounter shows Domain name vs Practitioner name
    Workaround: No known workaround

  4. Cannot show appointments with None Status in Schedule
    Workaround: Use the visit screen (the clipboard icon in the top left corner). If you do not filter by appointment status, you will see all appointments, including those with the None Status.

  5. Patient ID cannot be made Primary in Settings
    Workaround: No known workaround

  6. Unlocked Encounter with Unsigned Prescription throws error
    Workaround: If you have an unsigned prescription in an unlocked encounter then you will need to sign the prescription before signing the encounter. If not, the encounter cannot be signed.

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