• Do you use the same ICD-9 or fee items for certain encounters? We recommend that you TEMPLATE them.

  • Are there certain encounters that you would bill the same code(s) almost every time? Why not attach the bill to the encounter and just make minor adjustments as required?

Encounter templates to attach default billing codes to are the ones where the codes generally remain the same. Examples of these are:

  • Biopsy Encounter Templates

  • Pap Smear Encounter Templates

  • Flu Shots/Injections Templates

Adding Default Billing Items to an Encounter Template

  • Navigate to Settings > Templates > Encounter

  • Select the Encounter you wish to attach default billing items to

  • Encounter Sections Tab > Scroll down to the Billing Section

  • Add the Billing Items that will be the default ones associated to that specific Encounter Template

Note: The billing item can be a fee item or diagnostic code or both

  • SAVE

Using an Encounter Template that has Default Billing Items Attached


If you have Analytics: Do you work on-call?

  • Create an "ON-CALL" encounter template. You could leave the billing portion empty and you will be flagged in Embedded Views for any missed billing.

  • If you commonly use the same codes for on-call such as: "Call-out" and "Consultation" codes, you can add them to the template. You can then write a note in the encounter for billers to action or finish yourself later on.

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