During your virtual visit with your patient, there are many extra functionalities, or “actions”, available to you. These are tools designed to help improve patient care and clinic flow without you having to leave your virtual visit screen or your patient's chart.

Some of the functions have to be configured according to your Clinic's needs.

1. Appointment Details: If this visit was associated with a pre-booked appointment, you will find the specific patients’ appointment details here.

2. Phase: This indicates the phase in which you are currently in (e.g. Visit). Once any predetermined tasks have been met, you can also move the patient to a different phase by clicking on the arrow/ drop-down menu.

3. Room: This is a feature that can be used depending on your clinic flow. You can assign your patient to a ‘Room’ to help the rest of your clinic staff know where the patient is (ex. Waiting room, vitals room etc.).

4. Chat: This will open up a secure text-based chat conversation with your patient. It is a great way to inquire if your patient is ready to start a virtual video/audio visit or to let them know if you are running a few minutes behind.

5. Assigned Staff Tasks: Any predetermined tasks associated with the current phase will be listed here (e.g. ‘Obtain consent from the patient’). You can also add any additional tasks that come up during the visit for your staff to complete.

6. Assigned patient tasks: You will be able to view any tasks given to the patient and if they have completed them or not, (ie. pre-visit questionnaire). This function also allows you to add any additional tasks to be completed by the patient, that may come up during the visit.

7. Assigned Tags: Pathways Tags is a feature that allows you to highlight important characteristics related to your patient. These can be assigned and will be displayed on the Pathway interface to help you identify and label patients with characteristics that you have deemed important.

Please speak to your InputHealth Implementation/Support Team if you would like to customize some of the above functions to suit the needs of your clinic.

Last Updated: 11.2020

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