When a Virtual Visit is scheduled for a patient, they receive a confirmation email and/or SMS. The message can be customized (see Customizing Patient Appointment Notifications).

⚠️ Important: When possible, use email notifications (which are free) instead of SMS messages (which come at a cost when you exceed your clinic's monthly limit). See SMS overage charges.

The patient also receives an email and/or SMS message 5 minutes before their Virtual Visit appointment, asking them to join the virtual visit.

Starting a Virtual Visit with your Patient (recommended workflow)

  1. Select a virtual visit appointment

  2. Select Encounter

    A new encounter (associated with that specific appointment) opens.

  3. From the Patient List, select the Virtual Visit tab and click the patient name.
    📌 Note: The green halo around the Patient Avatar indicates that the patient is online.

    The Virtual Visit window appears.
    💡 Tip: We recommend you send a short message to the patient to make sure that they are ready.

  4. Click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to start the visit.

Ending a Virtual Visit with your Patient

  1. Click the red phone icon in the centre of your screen to end the call.

  2. Click x Close to end the entire Virtual Visit.

Last updated: January 2021

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