Virtual Visits 1.0

Virtual Visits 2.0 (with Pathways) is the recommended method for CHR Virtual Visits.

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⚠️ Important: Virtual Visits 2.0 (with Pathways) is the recommended method for CHR Virtual Visits. No new content or development is available for Virtual Visits 1.0. Contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat or your account manager to discuss switching to Virtual Visits 2.0.

When a Virtual Visit is scheduled for a patient, they receive a confirmation email and/or SMS. The message can be customized (see Customizing Patient Appointment Notifications).

⚠️ Important: When possible, use email notifications (which are free) instead of SMS messages (which come at a cost when you exceed your clinic's monthly limit). See SMS overage charges.

The patient also receives an email and/or SMS message 5 minutes before their Virtual Visit appointment, asking them to join the virtual visit.

Starting a Virtual Visit with your Patient (recommended workflow)

  1. Select a virtual visit appointment

  2. Select Encounter

    A new encounter (associated with that specific appointment) opens.

  3. From the Patient List, select the Virtual Visit tab and click the patient name.
    📌 Note: The green halo around the Patient Avatar indicates that the patient is online.

    The Virtual Visit window appears.
    💡 Tip: We recommend you send a short message to the patient to make sure that they are ready.

  4. Click the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to start the visit.

Ending a Virtual Visit with your Patient

  1. Click the red phone icon in the centre of your screen to end the call.

  2. Click x Close to end the entire Virtual Visit.

Last updated: January 2021

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