If your clinic is set up for the TELUS CHR patient app (UpPatient), from the Dashboard view of a patient's chart, in one click you can invite the patient to download and access the app.

If you receive incoming referrals, you can also invite newly referred patients to access the patient app during the triage process. See Inviting newly referred patients to access the patient app (UpPatient).


1. Open the patient's chart. See Searching for patients.

2. In the patient Dashboard view, find the Patient App widget (also called Mobile App for white labelled clients).

💡 Tip: Don't see the Patient App or Mobile App widget? No problem. You can add it by clicking the + icon at the bottom of any widget column. If you don't see Patient App or Mobile App as a widget option, contact the TELUS Health support team.

3. Click Invite.

4. Select each checklist item to verify the patient's information and delivery method for the invitation, and then click Send Invitation.

A confirmation appears in the Patient App widget, verifying that the invitation is sent to the patient.

The patient receives a text and/or email (depending on the delivery method you selected), with a link to download and register for the patient app. See For patients - Creating an UpPatient account.

Last updated: May 2021

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