Currently you can only fix, submit / re-submit claims from within MDBilling.

You will receive notice of a rejected claim within 4-5 business days of submission in your MDBilling account.

📌 Note: The rejected status for a claim will only update in your MDBilling account.

  1. Log into the MDBilling Portal

  2. Select Rejected Claims from your MDBilling Dashboard

  3. Select the account ID of the rejected claim

  4. You will be directed to a detailed explanation of the error codes

  5. You can rectify each code manually
    💡 Tip: MDBilling offers a "How to fix common rejections Library" which the user can access by clicking on the link next to Claim Rejection Codes and Description.

  6. Re-submit the bill.

For more resources on anything related to your MDBilling account and its functionality, visit the following website:


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