Configuring your SRFax integration
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The SRFax integration into CHR allows you to receive and send faxes. However, before you can configure the SRFax integration into your CHR, you must sign up with SRFax. For more information, see Signing up for an SRFax account.

In most cases, a CHR team member configures the SRFax integration into your CHR.

This feature must be configured by the TELUS CHR Support account. Contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat for more information.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Faxes. The Fax Settings window appears.

2. At the top-right, click Add SRFax Integration.

The SRFax Integration window appears.

3. Enter information in the SRFax Integration window as follows:



User Number

Your SRFax account number.

SRFax Password

The password you use to log into your SRFax account.

Fax Number

Your 10 digit fax number. This could be the new fax number your received from SRFax or your existing number that you ported to SRFax. For more information see, Porting an existing fax number to SRFax.

📌 Note: Don't include any spaces or dashes. Only add the 10 digits.

Email address

The email address you used to signup with SRFax.

4. To select a user whose inbox is used for all incoming faxes, click Click to Select a Practitioner.

💡 Tip: You can set up a specific user account (see Inviting a New User) called Incoming Faxes and associate all incoming faxes to that user's inbox.

The Select a user window appears showing a list of providers.

5. Click to select the desired provider.

You're taken back to the SRFax Integration window and the selected provider appears in Incoming Fax Inbox field.

6. Click Save.

Your CHR account is now integrated with SRFax. Monitor your incoming faxes inbox to ensure that you are receiving faxes.

Updated February 10, 2022

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