You can use your existing fax line within the TELUS CHR. This is similar to switching mobile phone providers but keeping your mobile number.


  1. Sign up to SRFax. See Signing up to SRFax and next steps.

    📌 Note: Make sure the address used when you sign up is the same as the address used for your existing fax provider.

  2. Login to your SRFax Account.

  3. Under My Account, click Port Request.

  4. Complete the necessary fields.

  5. Upload the most recent invoice from your current fax provider.

  6. Once SRFax has ported your existing fax number, contact your CHR contact and provide them with the 'correct' fax number.

⚠️ Important:

  • Porting an existing fax line from one service to the SRFax service takes approximately 10-14 business days.

  • The existing fax number should NOT be scheduled to be ported until you are ready to start receiving faxes via the CHR (i.e on your Go-Live date).

  • Your port date should ideally be the day after you complete using your old system.
    For example, if your last day using your current EMR is a Friday, the port request should be completed on Saturday, to minimize any faxes that are received in the small downtime between health record systems (usually a weekend).

  • If the fax line is ported before the specific date, you will no longer receive faxes via their usual method. You will have to check all your faxes via the SRFax online portal.

If you have any questions, contact your TELUS CHR contact or the Support Team.

Updated: September 2021

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