SRFax integration
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You can send and receive faxes directly within the CHR using the integrated SRFax. SRFax is a Canadian, HIPAA and PHIPA compliant fax service.

Here's what you need to get started:

💡 Tips:

  • You can port your existing fax number(s) to SRFax. For more information, see Porting an existing fax number to SRFax.

  • If you have a new clinic, you can use the SRFax provided number. You receive this number when you signup for an SRFax account.

⚠️ Important:

  • If you are a new to the CHR, we recommend you sign up for an SRFax account at least 2 weeks prior to your Go-Live date.

  • Multiple fax numbers can be added to one SRFax account. All outgoing faxes are sent through one primary fax number but incoming faxes can be routed to different fax numbers or inboxes.

  • You must immediately notify CHR support if your SRFax account details change e.g. password or email. The SRFax integration must be adjusted accordingly to ensure you continue to receive faxes.

Updated February 08, 2022

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