If you invite patients through the TELUS CHR to download and register for the TELUS CHR patient app (UpPatient), you can customize the invite message patients receive through email and SMS.


1. On the TELUS CHR main menu, click the Settings icon.

2. Click Notifications. A list of patient notifications displays.

3. Scroll down to the Patient App Notification list and then, beside Patient App Invitation, perform one of the following actions:

  • To customize the email message, in the EMAIL column, hover your cursor over Default and then click Set Up.

  • To customize the SMS message (i.e. mobile device text message), in the SMS column, hover your cursor over Default and then click Set Up.

The Customize EMAIL Notification or Customize SMS Notification window opens.

4. If you're modifying the email message, to customize the email message subject line, in the EMAIL TITLE field, modify the subject text.

5. In the message text area, modify the text as needed.

6. To have the patient's personalized demographic, clinic, provider or appointment information pull into the message:

a) Click where you want the information pull into, and then choose Add Variable. A list of available data options for this message displays.

b) Select the variable you want. A blue bubble appears in the message indicating where the data will pull into when the message is sent.

7. Click Save.

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