If your clinic accepts referrals, you can configure the TELUS CHR to prompt you to send a patient app invitation when referrals are set to a certain status.

When you update a referral's status to the status configured with the patient app invite (for example, to Accepted), a button appears, allowing you to send the patient app invitation in one click. See Inviting referred patients to access the patient app (UpPatient).

You enable this feature from the referral status' settings. If needed, you can enable this feature for more than one referral status (for example, for Accepted and Triaged referrals).


1. On the TELUS CHR main menu, click the Settings icon.

2. Click Referrals and then, at the top of the Referral Settings area, click Statuses.

3. In the list of Incoming Statuses, select the status you want to enable the Send a patient app invitation button for.

4. Select the Send patient app invitation check box.

5. Click Save

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