If your clinic accepts referrals, you can configure the TELUS CHR to prompt you to send a TELUS CHR patient app (UpPatient) invitation when an incoming referral is set to a certain status (see Enabling patient app (UpPatient) invites to be sent when an incoming referral is set to a certain status).

When you update a referral's status to the status configured with the patient app invite (for example, to Accepted), a button appears, allowing you to send the patient app invitation in one click.


1. Open the patient's incoming referral:

a) In the TELUS CHR main menu, click the Referrals icon.

b) Select the Incoming folder.

c) Click to open the referral.

2. In the Status list, select a status that has the patient app invite activated.

3. Under Required actions, click the Send button under Send a patient app invitation.

4. Select each checklist item to verify the patient's information and delivery method for the invitation, and then click Send Invitation.

The patient receives a text message and/or email (depending on the delivery method you selected), with a link to download and register for the patient app. See For patients - Creating an UpPatient account.

Updated October 31, 2022

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