If you no longer want new patients who register for the TELUS CHR patient app (UpPatient) to fill in a mandatory intake Qnaire, in the Patient Portal Settings area, you can remove any mandatory intake Qnaires.

📌 Note: If you disable and then re-enable the mandatory intake Qnaires or change to a different Qnaire, any existing patients (i.e. patients with charts in your TELUS CHR) who have not completed the Qnaires are no longer prompted to complete the Qnaires before booking an appointment. Only new patients from the time of the change are prompted to fill in the Qnaires.


1. In the TELUS CHR main menu, click the Settings icon.

2. Select Patient Portal.

3. Under Patient App Configuration, beside the Qnaire you no longer want patients to fill in, click the x icon.

4. Optionally, in the Qnaires area, unpublish or delete the intake Qnaire.

📌 Note: If you delete or unpublish a Qnaire that is still selected as a Mandatory Intake Qnaire (in the Patient Portal Settings), you're prompted to disable the Mandatory Intake Qnaire setting first.

Updated July 5, 2021

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