If you want to modify the mandatory intake Qnaires and want any existing patients who have not yet completed the mandatory intake Qnaires to still be prompted to complete it, you must make any modifications on the existing Qnaire itself. See Creating or modifying questionnaires (Qnaires).

The reason for this is if you disable and then re-enable the patient app mandatory intake Qnaires or change to different Qnaires, any existing patients (i.e. patients with charts in your TELUS CHR) who have not completed the Qnaires are no longer prompted to complete the Qnaires before booking an appointment. Only new patients from the time of the change are prompted to fill in the Qnaires.

With the above point in mind, if you've created a new mandatory intake Qnaire, you can optionally replace the current Qnaire.


1. From the main menu, click Settings.

2. Select Patient Portal.

3. Remove the current mandatory intake Qnaire. Under Patient App Configuration, beside the Qnaire you no longer want patients to fill in, click the x icon.

4. Click Set intake qnaire, and then select your new intake Qnaire.

5. Click Save App Settings.

Updated May 6, 2021

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