Not a fan of passwords? No problem. You can enable biometric login in the UpPatient app. When enabled, whenever the app locks (times out), you can log in by scanning your fingerprint or face instead.

📌 Note: If you manually log out of the app, you're required to re-enter your email and password.

When you first log in to UpPatient, you're prompted to enable biometric login. Select:

  • Enable: To enable biometrics. You're prompted to confirm your fingerprint or face scan.

  • Skip: To not enable biometrics and use your password instead going forward.

If you choose to skip this step, you can enable biometric login at any time through the app settings.


1. Log in to the UpPatient app. See Logging into the UpPatient app.

2. On the bottom right, select More. The Settings area opens.

3. Scroll down to the Biometric Login option, and then select the toggle button.

You're prompted to verify that you want to enable biometric authentication.

4. Select Enable.

5. When prompted, tap and hold your finger over your mobile device's home button.

The Biometric Login feature toggles to activated. Going forward, you're prompted to scan your fingerprint each time you login.

Updated June 2021

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