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Attending virtual visits through the UpPatient app (for patients)
Attending virtual visits through the UpPatient app (for patients)
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If your mobile device is set up with the UpPatient app (see Creating an UpPatient account and connecting to a clinic (for patients)), when it's time for your virtual visit, a notification appears on your device.

This prompts you to log into the UpPatient app and join the visit. Once you've joined the visit, you can communicate with your provider using the text-based chat or video and audio.


1. Log into the UpPatient app. See Logging into the UpPatient app (for patients). On the home screen, under In Progress, the virtual visit appointment is listed.

⚠️ Important: If you are using an Android device, do not close the application. The app needs to run in the background for you to receive calls.

2. To send a text message to the provider you're seeing, below the listed appointment, select Chat.

3. When the provider initiates an audio or video call, your phone rings and you're prompted to Accept or Decline the call.

4. To answer the call, choose Accept. If this is your first time attending a virtual visit, you're prompted by your device to grant the app access to your microphone and/or camera.

5. Choose Allow.

📌 Note: If you don't allow access to your microphone and camera, the provider won't be able to hear and see you.

Updated May 2021

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