⚠️ Important: The legacy instant chat is no longer being enabled for our customers. It was a limited beta feature for a limited subset users. We are currently working on a new instant chat, which is available for clinics who would like to be beta users and test this new feature within their organization and provide feedback.

If you want to correct a typo or want to recompose your sent messages, you can easily edit them within a conversation.


1. From the main menu, click Chat and search for or click a contact's name to access the desired conversation.

2. For the message you want to edit, hover-over it and click the pencil icon.

Your sent message is automatically copied and displayed in the field at the bottom.

💡 Tip: To cancel editing a message, click X in the field where you type your message.

3. Edit your message as desired and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Your edited message is displayed where your original message was and (edited) is shown next to the message.

Updated March 22, 2022

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